Who is

We are a three-generation Rochester-based family business. For more than six decades, we have been the sole providers of large custom admission certificates to the Fourth Department of the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court. Founded by commercial artist H.P. Berman, our business is now led by his daughter, Carol Fybush, who has operated the firm as Carol B. Fybush Manuscript Lettering since 1982. We pride ourselves on fast, friendly, local service to the region’s legal community.

What do I get when I’m sworn in?

At your admission ceremony, the court itself will present you with a basic 8-by-10 inch laser-printed certificate.

What do I get from you?

The certificate we sell is a much larger and more impressive document, ideal for hanging in your office to impress clients and associates. Our certificate measures 16 by 21 inches, is printed on heavyweight diploma paper, is custom created with your name in Old English lettering and engravers’ script, and features the embossed gold seal of the Fourth Department and the signatures of the judge and clerk who presided over your ceremony.

Can I get my certificate framed?

We ship you your certificate unframed; over many years, we’ve found that’s the best way to ensure they arrive at your home or office in pristine condition. And since everyone has their own preferences for frame and mat style, taking your certificate to a local framer allows you to choose the framing option that’s perfect for you. Need a recommendation for a framer? Contact us and we’re happy to suggest one.

Can I order my certificate at my swearing-in ceremony?

Of course you can! For over 60 years, we have attended every ceremony, and we are happy to take your order in person. If you have a long or complicated name or a special request, talking to us in person at your ceremony is the best way to make sure we fulfill your needs. We are at each ceremony both before and afterwards to serve you. We accept cash, checks (payable to Carol B. Fybush) and all major credit cards.

Do I have to order right when I’m sworn in, or can I get a certificate later?

We often fulfill orders for certificates from lawyers who were sworn in years or even decades ago. As long as the court has a record of your swearing-in, we can easily provide you with a certificate that’s personalized with the original date and signatures of the judges and clerk who oversaw the ceremony. Whether you need a replacement for a lost or damaged certificate, a second copy to hang in a home office, or you never ordered one and want one now, we can fulfill your needs.

I just got married. Can I put my new name on the certificate?

Yes – as long as it’s also on file with the Fourth Department. For more information, see the “Name Change” section on the court’s website, here. We can assist you with this process; contact us if you have any questions.

I want my full middle name on the certificate – is that OK?

The names on our certificates must generally match the first and last name on file with the court. However, you’re free to choose exactly how you want your full name displayed. It’s up to you whether to use your full middle name, an initial, or no middle name at all. We can easily handle suffixes (“Jr.,” “III,” etc.) as well. Please carefully fill out the “Name as you wish it to appear on the certificate” field on the order form – what you put there is what we’ll put on your certificate.

I have a very long name. Will it fit?

We can generally fit about 27 total characters (including spaces) on the certificate, but this varies based on which letters are in your name. (Narrow letters like “i” and “l” can fit more than “m” or “w,” for instance.) If you’re not sure, please contact us and we’ll help you to ensure your certificate looks as good as possible.

How soon will I get my certificate?

Each certificate is customized by hand. During our busy seasons (especially right after the swearing-in ceremonies in January/February and June), we typically advise about a six-week wait for your personalized certificate to be delivered. Orders received prior to the ceremony and taken at the ceremony will be processed first, followed by orders received after the ceremony. Certificates are shipped via first-class mail and arrive in an 18″ long stiff cardboard mailing tube.

Where should I have my certificate shipped?

We advise delivery to an office address, if at all possible. Apartment deliveries sometimes lead to damaged mailing tubes, and we try to avoid that.

Can I get a certificate as a gift for someone?

Absolutely! Our certificates are popular gifts from parents or grandparents to newly sworn-in lawyers. Please be sure you’re certain of exactly how the gift recipient would like her/his name to appear on the certificate.

What is your refund/return policy?

Because these are custom-crafted personalized items, all sales are final. But we pride ourselves on many decades of satisfied customers, and we want you to be happy with your purchase. Please contact us with any questions or concerns – and of course we will gladly replace any items that arrive damaged. (Please open your mailing tube and inspect your certificate as soon as it arrives!)